Why Ductless Mini Splits Is The Way To Go

Mini splits are a relatively new way to cool your home, and they present a few advantages over central cooling systems. A mini split is an outdoor condenser and an indoor fan unit. Usually, the indoor unit is mounted on a wall or ceiling, and is connected to the condenser via a conduit.

Why Choose Ductless Mini Splits 

Zone cooling. With mini splits, you cool rooms individually. With central air conditioning, you may be wasting energy, as you’re still cooling rooms that are not being used. Instead of cooling the entire house, you can cool bedrooms or living spaces. 

Less noise. Compressors are noisy, and because they’re stationed outside, you won’t hear that noise in the home. Central systems often make noticeable noise. 

No ductwork. Without ductwork, you avoid the leaks that are common with central air systems. This increases the efficiency of your energy consumption, saving you money in the long run. Those who suffer from respiratory conditions or allergies will benefit from cleaner air— dirty ductwork can contaminate the air.  

Easy installation. Mini splits are incredibly easy to install. The compressors are placed outside, and a hole is needed to connect the compressor to the indoor unit via the conduit. This process typically takes only a few hours to set up, making it a very simple installation. 

If you’re Interested in installing a mini ductless system, you need a licensed HVAC pro. Contact AAA Calvert to learn more.