What To Do If Your AC Stops Working

AC Unit Service & Maintenance

We’re still in the heat of summer, and your AC is definitely needed to keep living conditions cool and calm in the sweltering heat. But what happens if you’re AC just stops working?

Don’t lose your cool. Many people make the mistake of tinkering with their AC when the appliance stops working, but this can often exacerbate the problem. Instead, follow these tips. 

  1. Check the thermostat  

Is your AC shooting out hot air? Often enough, it can be as simple as the thermostat not being programmed correctly. This can be especially true if you have children in the house, as they can be pretty “handsy” with appliances in the home. 

  1. Check the filter 

If the thermostat is programmed normally, the next step will be to check the filter. Filters often get clogged, which can definitely affect the performance of the unit. If the filter appears dirty, it’s time to change it out, and we recommend doing so on a regular basis, whether your AC is working fine or not.

  1. Check the duct connections 

If the filter is fine, you may need to check your duct connections— some homes in California have ducts that can be accessed in the attic or under the house. If you notice that some of the insulation from the connections has fallen off, your ductwork may need to be professionally repaired. 

  1. Call a pro 

At this point, if your AC is still struggling, you should call a pro. Don’t attempt a DIY fix, as you can further damage the unit. By calling a professional team like AAA Calvert, you can quickly get to the bottom of the issue, and your home will return to its cool temperature sooner (rather than later). 

Contact AAA Calvert to get your AC issues diagnosed.

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