What is the Fujitsu Ductless Air System?

The Fujitsu ductless air system has revolutionized home heating and cooling. Ultra-efficient, whisper-quiet ductless air systems are the future, and in this post, we’ll explain how they function and why you should consider it for your home. 

The system uses mini-splits. Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms or areas. Mini-splits have an outdoor condenser and an indoor evaporator (which we’d call an indoor air-handling unit). This system is ductless, and it avoids the energy losses that occur with ductwork. Fujitsu’s air systems allow users to remotely control the temperature of the home. The system can also be easily installed by a qualified technician. 

Many homeowners consider this system as superior to central heating. Central heating uses expensive ductwork that often accounts for major energy waste, causing your energy bill to be sky-high. The system offers individual zone control, so you can only heat or cool specific rooms that are being used. This zoning technology uses thermostats in each room, allow you to remotely control the temperature for individual rooms and spaces. 

The Fujitsu ductless air system is perfect for new homes and construction, and it’s also great for homes that already use some form of ductless heating and cooling (such as radiant panels and space heaters). 

Curious about this type of heating and how it can function within your home? Contact AAA Calvert to discover and discuss your options. 

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