Top AC Tips For The Summer

The hotter it is, the harder your AC will need to work. This will increase your energy consumption and will lead to eventual wear and tear on your unit. We have some tips to help you maximize your unit’s efficiency while also keeping you nice and comfortable during summer season. 

  1. Check the air filter. We recommend checking the air filter once a month. Dust particles commonly collect on the filter, and if it becomes clogged, your unit will need to work so much harder. Cleaning, and even replacing, your air filter is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to optimize the performance of your unit. 
  2. Keep the AC shaded. If you can, make sure your unit sits in the shade. Having it in the sun heats the air around it, making it more difficult for the unit to produce cool air. 
  3. Touch the dial to save money. Each degree below 78 will increase your energy bill by 7-8%. So, if you can stand it, keep the air 78 degrees and above to keep your energy bill conservative. 
  4. Weatherize the home. You want to keep cold air in, while keeping the hot air out. If there are leaks between the windows, this won’t happen, and you’ll be wasting money on electricity. Caulking and sealing the air leaks will serve you well to insulate the home. 
  5. Hire a HVAC pro. If you believe your HVAC system isn’t performing the way it should, don’t hesitate to hire help. AAA Calvert offers AC repair that will have your unit pumping out cold air as efficiently as possible. Contact AAA Calvert today to learn how we can help.