Tips to Prepare Your HVAC For Fall

While we’re in the full swing of the summer season, now is the best time to prepare your HVAC unit for autumn. Many homeowners wait until their unit has a problem before they call for help, but at AAA Calvert, we recommend a more proactive approach. If you prepare for the fall season well in advance, you reduce the chances of having a major problem as we creep into the colder months.

  1. Seal air leaks. One of the leading causes of energy waste is caused by air leaks. Miniscule cracks in the windows can be eliminated with caulking and weather stripping. Leaky ductwork can be repaired with mastic tape. 
  2. Think about replacing the unit. We’re still in the thick of the summer season, and you may be noticing that your unit isn’t performing as optimally as it should. Not having cold air in the summer is extremely frustrating, but lacking hot air in the colder months can be equally as bothersome and dangerous. Your HVAC may possibly be old and outdated. And it may be wise to consider swapping it out now before the weather gets too extreme. 
  3. Maintain it during the summer. Don’t be one of those people who wait until there’s a major problem to call an HVAC professional. Even if your unit is working splendidly, it’s wise to schedule a simple checkup just to get ahead of any potential issues. Things can be working smoothly one day and then turn into a disaster the next. By maintaining your unit throughout the year, you extend your system’s lifespan. 

Are you ready for a check-up? AAA Calvert is happy to help you diagnose any issues before they evolve into big headaches. Contact us today to get the help you need.