The HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your equipment can save you loads of trouble and ghastly repair costs. Have a contractor conduct checkups in pre-season months (preferably in the spring or fall).

Here’s what a typical maintenance check should include: 

Check the thermostat’s settings. A contractor should check the status of your thermostat to ensure that it gives accurate readings and that it saves energy when you’re out of the home. 

Make sure the filters are clean and working properly. If not, they should be replaced. 

Cooling System Tips 

Clean the coils. The evaporator coils remove heat from indoor air so the blower can return cool air to the home. Dirty coils impede this process, making the unit work harder to remove warm air, and can cause your energy costs to skyrocket.  

Check the air conditioner’s refrigerant level. Too much refrigerant will cause your system to consume too much energy. The contractor will adjust your levels, if necessary. 

Heating System Tips

Clean the drainage tube. With a natural gas or propane furnace, water will be created as a byproduct. This water drips into a drainage pan, but if the pan gets clogged, the flame sensor can get damaged. Be sure that the drainage remains free and clear.

Check all gas connections. A poor gas connection will not only cause you to waste gas, but it’s also a serious fire hazard. 

Are you in need of a maintenance check? Hire AAA Calvert to perform a thorough inspection of your system.