The Benefits of Mini-Splits

Mini-split systems use ductless technology to heat and cool homes. It’s done with an outdoor condenser and an indoor air-handling unit. The mini-split system has several benefits, and we’ll discuss those in today’s post. 

Efficient energy usage. Mini-split systems use ductless technology. Ductwork is one of the major causes of energy loss, especially if the ducts are not sealed tight. With mini-split systems, you don’t waste resources heating and cooling the ducts. 

Convenient temperature control. Through individual zoning technology, you can control the temperature for individual rooms remotely from your smart device. For example, you can set the kitchen to be at a cooler temperature than your bedroom. Also, you can have some indoor units turned on while you turn others off, which will effectively save energy. 

Easy installation. Mini-splits are easy to install, especially when you compare the process against the installation of ductwork. If you need a professional company to install your mini-split system, contact AAA Calvert today