Ryan P.

If you have been a home owner for any length of time you know all too well about having to do home repairs. Another amazing thing that home owners ALL have IN COMMON is the inauspicious way something like a roof, pipe or some electrical issue will happen just when you don’t have the money or have just spent a ton of money to fix your car, buying gifts for Christmas or just came back from a big expensive trip. You want to screem, hit or kick something really hard or better yet start crying like a two year old and probably have.

Well this is the EXACT thing that happened to me. The last couple of years it has not been cold enough to turn the heater on because it was cold for about a day or two and then got hot again. I have a space heater because the house heater dries everything out and sometimes can cause me to have nose bleeds. So I have not had a need to turn it on.

This winter has been quite different and it has been down right frigid at night, in the morning, all day long to the point we are all breaking out the hats, scarves, boots, and coats and dressing our fur babies in clothes too…plus it’s just cute. Thus it was time to turn on the heater and cut the chill in the air so I don’t have to walk around my house looking like an Eskimo.

I go to turn on the heater and NOTHING! I hear NOTHING. I wait a few minutes thinking ok it’s been a while it needs to ramp up. It’s old its needs a little more time but STILL NOTHING! No pilot light. Ok no problem I am pretty handy I’ll just go grab my BBQ lighter and re-light it. And STILL NOTHING! Oh noooo! So I don’t panic and go over to my neighbor’s house cuz maybe I was doing it wrong. My neighbor has always been AMAZING in showing me how to fix and repair things around my house for YEARS! He’ll know! He comes over and try’s and STILL NOTHING so he gives me the name to this company and says he knows the owner Tom and his son Tom and the Grand son TJ (Tom Junior) and they helped him replace his furnace several years back when he decided to get AC and new furnace.

I give them a call to set up an appt and the young lady who answers the phone is REALLY NICE. She asked me a couple questions and takes my name and number then calls me back a little while later with an appt time. PERFECT! But being it is WINTER and COLD they are busy so I have to wait a week. No problem I have my little space heater and will suck it up until then.

My appt day comes and I get a call around noon saying I am on the list and re-confirming my appt time. WOW! So GREAT with the follow up I LOVE IT! They gave me a window of 1.5 hours when they would arrive and they showed up MAYBE a 5-7 mins before the beginning of my appt window. YES! Love that I didn’t have to wait the entire window time frame.

Another Tom (no relation) showed up and I took him right upstairs to my furnace. He looked at it and said, “oh you have a tank, they don’t make them like this anymore.” As is true with most things in this world. He looked at it, went to get some tools and a flashlight, came back checked for cracks, checked pilot and some other things and then tried to relight the pilot. He said you have to hold it until it heats up something and catches. At any rate he did this and BAM several minutes later a HUGE FLAME of fire lit up and my furnace was back in business. Then he changed out the filter put everything back together and cleaned up after himself. OMG! I was PASSED ECSTATIC and OVERJOYED!

Then I told him my furnace is old so I need to think about replacing it. So he told me he could write up an estimate and send to me in a few days. He went to check where the AC unit would go and the how the hoes for the condensation would come out the attic etc. VERY THOROUGH! He gave me my bill for the work he had completed, I paid and he was off.

When I tell you I was literally jumping up and down, doing my holy dance and PRAISING THE LORD because I DID NOT NEED a NEW furnace! DO you know how many thousands of dollars I would have had to fork over and REALLY did not want to right now considering I am planning some bathroom remodels in a month? OMG!

This company is TOTALLY HONEST and WILL NOT have you buying or REPLACING a AC or furnace if you do not need to. Do you know how hard it is to be able to TRUST that a company is going to DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL, BE HONEST, SHOW UP ON TIME, and CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES! It is SOOOO FRICKIN REFRESHING to work with a company like this as a home owner or if you manage apts. USE THEM they will save you money and keep you from needless worrying that the work is done RIGHT!

P.S. They also do electrical work.