RB Reyes

We used AAA Calvert’s services in the past and looked to them to follow-up with repairing a variety of electrical and HVAC issues. AAA Calvert completed the job in approximately three days.  Initially, TJ, the owner, and Tom, the HVAC manager, came out to provide candid feedback and estimates on each phase of the project. Lauri and Leonanna worked to fit our project around their own and our tight schedule.  They also coordinated all permits with the city and other entities.
After receiving a fair proposal, Jason led the HVAC team supported by Quentin, Adam and Jeff.  All four employees were professional, personable, and thorough in explaining the installation and addressed our questions and concerns as the process shifted.  Specifically during vent and duct installation, Adam carefully explained the task and skillfully cut through exposed wood beams and ceilings to seamlessly install vents without damaging the wood ceiling in our family room.  Jason remained onsite until the equipment functioned properly, explained the new system, the company’s annual services, and made himself available should issues arise after the installation.  
After setting the HVAC equipment, Eddie led the electrical team supported by Manny and Taylor.  All three employees were professional, personable and flexible in working around a variety of obstacles, specifically other sub-contractors hired to repair other issues.  Eddie took time to follow-up and returned to correct some minor cosmetic issues.  Moreover, Eddie matched our roof color from a mobile phone photo we sent to him to find a paint color to blend exposed conduit to our home’s roof color.  As a result and much to our surprise, the painted conduit blended to the existing roof color.
When the work was completed, the HERS inspector commented on the company’s excellent reputation specifically highlighting their quality, professionalism and craftsmanship. Regarding the city inspection, Quentin met with the city inspector, expedited the process by ensuring each circuit was properly labelled, the HVAC regulations were met, and walked the inspector through each phase of repairs with minimal or no issues.  
In retrospect, the hiring practices of AAA Calvert are impressive because the employees mentioned above worked together under a short window to complete the job.  No one showed any signs of stress during the project, especially as the job changed daily by our own guidance.  We highly recommend AAA Calvert for electrical and HVAC needs.  They are a well-run company from top to bottom.  They are honest, fair and each employee takes pride in their work to support the other’s expertise.