Mark P.

Our home was broken into on Sunday Jan.10. A smash and grab at 11 am and really made us feel vulnerable for the next few days. We called a national security company to come out and install a new security system and the appointment was for Wednesday Jan 20th. In the process of installing security cameras around the perimeter of the house the installer was drilling from the outside through the stucco into the attic. In doing so he drilled right through one of the existing electrical lines that wasn’t very accessible. This was in the late afternoon.
The entire front side of our home was without electricity and the security installers had no idea what to do. All they could say was “this has never happened before. We were panicked now. We didn’t know what to do so I decided to find and electrical company on Yelp. Fortunately I called AAA Calvert Electrical and spoke with Leanne. I am going to be totally honest with you I have never experienced the care and understanding from anyone in the service industry as I did from Leanne. I explained our situation to her and she went above and beyond to get someone out to our home. Taylor and Antonio arrived a short while later and assed the situation. They were both very polite and professional. They went up into the attic and decided that because of the location of the damaged electrical line I had two options. A) bust out dry wall in multiple areas of the living room where the line was located or B)  cut a 4 inch diameter hole through the exterior stucco and access and repair the line that way. I couldn’t imagine going through the expense, hassle and dust of dry wall repair so I went with cutting a hole in the dry wall. They were able to locate the wire and repair it and then securely cover the area with an electrical plate in just a few hours. Cosmetically it’s nothing noticeable. They saved me hundreds of dollars and the aggravation of dealing with dry wall repair.
I can tell you this. From Leanna in customer service, the on time appointment, Taylor and Antonio’s expert advice and most of all the fair and reasonable price. I am one VERY happy customer and can whole heartedly recommend AAA Calvert Electrical.  Thank you again Leanne, Taylor and Antonio