Lorinda V.

AAA Calvert is excellent in every way. From the beginning of requesting quotes for an electrical upgrade and heating & air conditioning I received wonderful customer service. I am so impressed by this company & their values. I was a bit intimidated by looking for a contractor to work on a very big job such as this. I called AAA and requested a quote for an electrical panel upgrade and all new heating and air. The receptionist was very helpful when I called and said she would do her best to get both TJ (electrical) and (Tom) for air conditioning out at the same time so I could get both of my quotes at the same time. Both TJ and Tom showed up on time and were very down to earth. I felt very comfortable with them and they didn’t try to tell me that I needed all kinds of unnecessary work. They told me I would receive a quote within a few days. I called a few days later and spoke to Leonanna who works in the office and she stated that she was working on my quotes. Throughout the process Leonanna assisted me with my quotes in understanding them and also in adjusting to add some additions to the scope of work. She also let me know about financing options and recommended I talk to Lauri. Lauri really helped me out and gave me a lot of information. Once I signed the quotes, we set our date to begin work. I received a call from Lauri the Friday before work was to begin on a Monday. She explained to me that there would be 6 men working on this job and that they would do their best to complete the job in 3 days. On Monday morning a crew of 7 men showed up to start the job. Eddie, Taylor, & Antonio (Manny) were on the electrical crew. Jason, Adam (who has the most awesome hair), Eli and Jeff were on the heating and air crew. These crews had their plans together. I was so impressed by how well they coordinated everything. Especially with the electricity being worked on at the same time the heating and air crew was working. Eddie made sure that the heating and air crew had electricity so that they could perform the work they needed to get done. All of these young men were extremely polite,and professional. Jason from the heating and air crew explained to me what would be going on and came to me to make sure I agreed with all the decisions that needed to happen. TJ also came out the first day to check on the crews. I had a few concerns and questions and TJ made sure that they were all addressed and that things were done to my satisfaction. My job was completed in 3 days as promised. The crews did top notch work and cleaned up all of the trash & debris from their work. I am extremely impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and consideration that these employees demonstrated. When it came time for inspection, I had the pleasure of meeting Lauri. In talking with her she explained that she and TJ were the owners of this business and that it was family owned since 1966. It is so refreshing to find such hard working people who really do care about the quality and service that they provide. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. I see why this company has been around for so long. It was my extreme pleasure to have met and interacted with these awesome people. Thank you Leonanna, Lauri, TJ, Tom, Eddie, Taylor, Antonio, Jason, Adam, Eli and Jeff !