Jon T.

The guys and gals at AAA Calvert really are as good as it gets.

The first time I used them was to get a Nest thermostat set up properly. After hours on the phone with Nest technicians, they determined they had no idea why it wasn’t working and offered to pay for a Nest-certified vendor to come set it up. After contacting several other companies (none of which returned my calls), I reached out to AAA Calvert. Their resident Nest expert showed up within the week and quickly determined I had a unique HVAC system that required special wiring. He was able to get things set up with no issue.

I’ve also had AAA Calvert come by to diagnose and fix my A/C unit. Every time I have called, I am immediately greeted with a friendly person on the other line. It may sound strange, but the business calls always feel very personal to me– as if you’re talking to someone you know, and that knows you. This creates a very “quality service with a smile” vibe to the company, and something I appreciate greatly every time. At this point, I don’t bother calling anyone else when I have issues with my A/C unit– I just call up the wonderful folks at AAA Calvert and they take care of it.