Conde A.

I found this company here on Yelp and I am so very very glad I did! Not only were they able to come check out my wall heater that same day, everyone there, from the people who answered the phone and booked the appointment to the people who came out to do the repairs, was very friendly, helpful and most of all HONEST!

I would like to point out that they were actually NOT my first call. The first company, after asking just a few questions about the issue with my wall heater tells me that I will need to replace the entire unit … That it will cost about $1700…I was freaking out because I do not have that kind of money readily available in cash form so I decided to try someone else…this is when I found AAA Calvert.

It turns out all I needed was a new valve…to the tune of $250! Thank you again for taking such great care of me and my heater AND for not trying to sell me things I didn’t need and couldn’t begin to afford!

I would highly recommend this company…you not be disappointed with the experience.