Christy R.

We recently bought a house and had to buy all new appliances. We realized there weren’t enough outlets and some appliances needed their own circuit. The house is older and didn’t have dedicated outlets for appliances. We had a large electrical company come out to provide a quote (they charged $99 for the quote) and we thought their quote was ridiculously high. I called AAA Calvert a week before Christmas and they were able to fit someone in to provide a quote the next day (the quote was free).

They were very friendly on the phone (Laurie and Leonna) and the electrician (TJ) that came out for the quote was thorough, honest, and friendly. The quote was half of what we were quoted from the other company. Even though it was a busy time, they were able to come out and complete the work two days before Christmas. They were very understanding of our situation and knew we needed working appliances soon.

The two electricians that came out to do the work were on time, friendly, and did a great job. This is definitely our go-to place for electricians, heating, and AC! Thank you AAA Calvert!