Ashley W., Long Beach, CA | August 16, 2017

To The Owner / Manager of AAA Calvert,

               I just experienced such professional conduct from Ramon and Jeff while they installed my new mini-split that I just had to take the time to let you know how impressed I am! Not only did they protect all of my belongings while they worked, but Ramon made me really fall in love with the new A/C / Heat features by telling me how I could be sitting in the living room listening to music and I could point the remote into the bedroom and change the temperature without ever getting up! I could tell how proud he was to be installing such a First-Class system with such great features! I asked Ramon for a bunch of his cards so I could tell my friends what a great company you have. Congrats!

               The whole crew that was on the property at Loma Avenue the last 3 days was unusually friendly and smiling and even whistling while standing on a ladder in the hot sun at the end of their long day. You are certainly doing something right to attract and keep such professional staff. When I came back from the store yesterday carrying 2 bags of groceries, Ramon even offered to carry them up the stairs for me. Your whole team is very aware of ways to make us all comfortable while they are on our property. Usually we can’t wait to have workmen leave so things can go back to normal. This time we will miss the team from AAA Calvert!


Ashley W., a big fan