Signs You Need Heater Repair

Are you having issues with your heater? Not to worry, AAA Calvert is here to provide top-of-the-line heater repair for Long Beach.

Before the winter months are upon us, it’s essential to check to ensure that your heating system in your home or business is running correctly. Luckily for you, here at AAA Calvert, we want to help you achieve and maintain your heating needs. 

Not only do we provide heating installation, repair, and service, but we also want to help by providing you with signs you require heater repair.

Utility Bills are High

One relatively simple way to see if you require heater repair is by taking a look at your utility bills. If you are noticing significant increases in your bills, it could result from issues with your heater. Heaters that are working twice as hard to keep your home warm will cost you twice as much.

Hot or Cold Spots

You may notice inconsistent hot or cold patches throughout your home. This sign could be a result of either heating or ducting issues. Because it can be difficult to identify between the two, it is essential to have a technician look for you.

Loud Noises

It is entirely normal to hear noise coming from your heating system, depending on your unit. Excessive noise, however, is not normal. If you hear loud noises coming from any of your heating units, call one of our certified technicians at AAA Calvert right away to address these concerns.

Bad Odors

The most dangerous sign of an issue with your heating system is foul odors. Suppose you smell anything resembling a rotten egg smell; you need to evacuate everybody from your home immediately. This smell could be a result of a gas leak. Interestingly enough, natural gas is odorless, but there are smells added to it for emergency purposes.

If you are experiencing one or multiple of these signs, you will likely need a heater repair. Rather than wait for the issue to get worse, call one of our certified HVAC technicians at AAA Calvert today.

Equally crucial to making sure your heating system is running correctly is also checking on your air conditioning system before the summer months. Our certified technicians at AAA Calvert are also here to provide air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance.

Let the experts at AAA Calvert assist you with selecting the right heater repair services. Our HVAC experts can help you pinpoint your heating issues, identify the proper course of action, and implement these services to meet your heating needs. Call us at 562-429-1546 to request a quote today.