Riverside Heating Installation

Winter is among us, which means we’re using our heaters now more than ever. Before we find ourselves facing another cold day or night, it’s time to see if you require the best Riverside heating installation out there.

But, before calling the experts at AAA Calvert for heating installation, repair, and maintenance, follow these steps first to see if it’s time for a new heater.

1. Remove Debris

First off, if you haven’t used your heater recently, you’ll want to check to ensure no debris accumulation on or around your unit. The overall efficiency of your unit can drastically decrease due to leaves and such gathering on the unit.

2. Clean Filters

It’s time to remove the filters and clean them thoroughly once you’ve cleared your unit of any debris. Use a vacuum to remove any dust or buildup accumulated on the filters. You can also wash the filter out in the sink or use a garden hose. As a rule of thumb, swap out your filters around every three months.

3. Check Air Leaks

Next, you’ll need to check around the home for potential air leaks. Even the most minor leak can cause significant inefficiencies in your home’s heating, especially during the colder months of the year. Window frames and doors are common areas around the house worth checking for leaks.

4. Test Unit

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your heater isn’t working. Call our HVAC professionals right away to assess your concerns and make sure your home is heating properly. It might be time to upgrade your heating unit before the cold of winter comes.

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