New Gas Heaters That Won’t Kill Your Gas Bill

With gas prices on the rise, it’s no wonder homeowners across Southern California are looking into new gas heaters that won’t kill your gas bill. Not only are the old free-standing, wall, and floor gas furnaces outdated and unsafe, but they are also likely draining your pocket when the gas bill comes around.

Thankfully, AAA Calvert offers new highly efficient wall gas heaters to amend this crisis. Check out AAA Calvert for your heating installation, repair, and service needs for more information.

Why You Should Replace Your Old Gas Heater

The gas heaters of the past have proven to be unsafe due to not having more modern heat exchangers and lacking sealed combustion. These heaters include:

  • Recessed wall furnaces
  • Freestanding room heaters
  • Floor furnaces

In addition to not being safe, old gas heaters are also energy inefficient. Their AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Energy) is typically between 60% and 75%, wasting up to 40% of the fuel they burn.

Why You Should Invest In a New Wall Gas Heater

The newer wall gas heaters have sealed combustion, some models even offering a sealed combustion chamber. Due to new technology, newer models are much more powerful units than common electric portable space heaters, and they can be used as a primary source of heating in energy-efficient homes, even in cold climates.

They are ductless, with an AFUE (energy efficient coefficient) that can reach 90%.

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