Maintaining your A/C System before Summer!

Maintenance of any valuable property is a priority to keep it in top working order. As we head into Spring and start looking forward to the warmer months, we should think about maintenance for our air conditioners too. Just as important as it is for us to do our spring cleaning, it’s also important to include our air conditioning equipment. Due to the cooler months, your air conditioner has not been being used and should be checked to ensure that it is working properly

When your system is running at peak performance – you save money!
When your system is running at its best it will use less energy to cool your home. That means great savings on your utility bill and more money in your wallet.

Your system should be checked every spring. Not only does a spring maintenance check up make sure your components are clean and fluid levels are full but it will also help to ensure there are no problems that can cause greater damage down the road. At AAA Calvert, we can give your air conditioner the service it will need to work at top performance and bring you peace of mind.

To keep it functioning at peak performance we provide maintenance of:
• A comprehensive system inspection
• Cleaning of all coils
• Lubrication of the moving mechanical parts
• Air filter replacement
• Checking of fluid and pressure levels
• Cleaning and draining of the condensate line
• Checking of system wiring and thermostat controls
• Running a system performance test

AAA Calvert’s trained professionals will do all that is needed to make sure that your entire system will work the way it should when you need it most! A little prevention now will ensure that you will be comfortable this summer.

Please give us a call today to set up your appointment!