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Are you in need of electrical installation and repair? AAA Calvert, the best Long Beach electrician out there, is here to help!

Here at AAA Calvert, we specialize in a wide range of electrical installation and repair services, including:

Landscape Lighting

Next, you’ll need to check around the home for potential air leaks. Even the most minor leak can cause significant inefficiencies in your home’s heating, especially during the colder months of the year. Window frames and doors are common areas around the house worth checking for leaks.

Landscape Lighting

Low voltage planters and landscape lighting can beautify and accent your outdoor living area.

Exterior Security Lighting

Enhance the security of your home with a motion sensor or dusk-to-dawn exterior lighting.

Recessed Lighting

Need more light in your kitchen?  We can help.  LED, compact fluorescent, or incandescent recessed lighting provides a modern, clean look for your home.

New Outlet Location

Stop running extension cords and have a new receptacle installed where you need it.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan replacement or a new installation – on a wall switch or with the remote operation – provides an inexpensive way to move air throughout your home without air conditioning or improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

E.V. Chargers

Demand is growing for electrical vehicle chargers.  We’ve installed many, including charging stations and 240V receptacles for Tesla and other electric vehicles.

Service Upgrades

It’s time to upgrade your electrical service if:

  • It is old, and the circuit breakers are sticky and won’t reset
  • If there’s no room to add circuits
  • If you need additional amperage

Flush or surface-mounted electrical service installation costs range from $1700-$3500, depending on amperage and location approval from the local utility company.


If it doesn’t work, we can trace out the problem and fix it – switches, receptacles, light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.

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