Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Southern California summers can be brutal to bear without proper cooling. Don’t get caught cooking when the full-blown heat of the summer rolls around. While the weather is still mild, it’s time to ask yourself, is your air conditioner ready for summer?

At AAA Calvert, we want to help ensure that you and your family have the cooling needs you deserve. We provide a wide range of services, including air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance. Together, we’ll make sure you stay calm, cool, and collected through the summer months.

Because your AC unit goes untouched for several months out of the year during winter, it’s essential to get it ready to go was the temperatures begin rising in the spring. Here are a few tips on how to get your air conditioner ready for summer.

Be Careful

You should always seek professional help when it comes to handling any component of your HVAC system. Because your air conditioning system requires a large amount of electricity, it is always safe to have a professional handle it.

That being said, you can take some simple preventive measures if you decide to handle basic cleanings of your AC unit on your own.

Clean Debris

First and foremost, make sure that there are no leaves or other gathered debris on or around your air conditioning unit. Make sure the condenser base is clear, as well as the drain if your unit has one. You can also work to clean out the fan of the blower with a vacuum and a rag.

Be mindful of any water that might have accumulated inside of your AC unit. Be sure to clean it carefully, then reassemble your unit once you have completed the cleaning process.

Clean Filters

AC filters are found throughout your home and should be cleaned or replaced regularly, or at minimum twice a year. Over time, dust accumulates on these filters, restricting the airflow and ultimately reducing the efficiency of your entire system. Having dirty filters can also result in dust being circulated throughout your home while your AC unit is running.

Because changing out the filters does not usually require extensive knowledge of your HVAC system, this is a step that any homeowner easily handles. If ever in doubt, contact AAA Calvert for guidance, or have your technician assist you during your annual service.

Test Your System

Once you have completed all of the steps to get your system up and running, test it out by running it. Take note of any hot or cold spots throughout the house, limited airflow, or other notable features of your air conditioning system. And as always, if you have any concerns, reach out to your AAA Calver technicians for a second opinion.

Schedule Your Annual Service Today!

Regardless of whether you have completed these steps or not, it would be best if you still considered scheduling your annual service. Annual service on your air conditioning unit helps to keep it running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. Rather than waiting for it to be too late to find out if your system is ready for summer, call one of our certified HVAC technicians at AAA Calvert today.

It is equally crucial to make sure your air conditioning system is running correctly is checking on your heating system before the winter months. Our certified technicians at AAA Calvert are also here to provide heating installation, repair, and service.

Let the experts at AAA Calvert assist you with selecting the right air conditioning services. Our HVAC experts can help you pinpoint your AC unit issues, identify the proper course of action, and implement these services to meet your cooling needs. Call us at 562-429-1546 to request a quote today.

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