How to Start the Pilot Light on a Wall Heater

Wall heaters are common appliances. While electric wall heaters are pretty straightforward, wall heaters are a bit more complicated. To learn how to start the pilot light on the wall heaters, read our easy-to-follow instructions. 

In order for your wall heater to work, it needs a pilot light. This is a very simple process. 

First, find the selector dial on the heater. 

Next, Turn the selector dial until it reaches “pilot”. 

Push down on the ignite button. Hold the ignite button for about 10-15 seconds until the pilot light turns on. 

Alternatively, if there is no ignite button, follow these steps. 

First, turn on the gas by opening the shut-off valve. 

Next, Turn the selector dial until it reaches “pilot”.

Locate the pilot light vent’s location. 

Push down on the selector dial to generate a small flow of gas. 

Ignite the pilot light with a long match or a long-barrel lighter. 

Once the pilot light is lit, turn on the heater and verify that it’s working. To turn it on, you’ll typically adjust the thermostat to a warmer temperature. 

If you need assistance turning on your pilot light for your wall heater, don’t hesitate to request assistance from professionals like AAA Calvert. Contact us today to learn how we can help.