How to Reset a Fuse

If an appliance or light fixture suddenly goes out, it’s probably due to the circuit breaker tripping. 

If you find the electrical panel and reset the circuit, but you hear a “pop” sound and the breaker trips again, we need to identify the root cause and fully reset the breaker to fix the problem. 

What is a Fuse or Circuit Breaker? 

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that controls and protects the wiring circuits that power the outlets, fixtures, and appliances in your home. If a fuse is overloaded, the breaker will trip to prevent fire or electrocution. In turn, certain appliances, outlets, and light fixtures will die. Resetting a fuse is a very simple process, and we’re listing the steps below. 

  1. Make sure you unplug your appliances and turn off the lights in any room that has lost power. 
  2. Find the circuit breaker box and open the cover. 
  3. Identify the tripped switch. These switches are usually labeled by the section of the house (e.g. “kitchen”, “bathroom”, etc. ). 
  4. Reset the circuit breaker by returning the switches to the “on” position. This should fully reset the power for those switches. 
  5. If the circuit breaker trips after you put the switches into “on”, it can be due to a few too many appliances on those switches, a wrong cord or plug bad wiring. 

Have you followed these steps but are not able to reset your fuse? Contact AAA Calvert to inspect your circuit breaker and identify the problem. For more information about electrical maintenance and installation near Long Beach, visit the webpage.