How To Know If It’s Time To Buy A New AC

The harsh heat of the summer demands you have a working air conditioner in the home. Without one, you’ll experience extreme discomfort, and you’ll possibly be risking your health as well.

But what if you have a unit and it’s not working properly no matter what you’ve tried? You’ve gotten it repaired several times, but it has consistently disappointed you.

It may or may not be time to switch it out for a new AC. To make your decision easier, this post lists a few signs that’ll tell you if you should replace it.

Your AC is 10+ years old. Yes, ACs have a lifespan, and they typically last 10-15 years. If you’ve noticed your unit isn’t performing the way it used to, and it’s near that 10-year threshold, you should strongly consider swapping it out.

Your AC is inefficient. An inefficient AC is undoubtedly costing you money. When your AC works harder than it should, it demands more energy resources, raising your electric bill substantially. Its inefficiency over a 6-month period can cost you extra hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dollars. It may make financial sense to simply purchase a new unit if this is the case.

Your AC frequently breaks down. If your AC is constantly having issues, the repairs may cost more than simply buying a new unit. Frequent breakdowns are indicative of a major problem with the unit, and those repair costs will add up.

Your AC unit is a crucial appliance during the summer season. If it’s not performing the way it should, consider replacing it. If you’re unsure of how to determine the problem with your AC, AAA Calvert will be happy to inspect the unit. We’ll honestly analyze its issues and we’ll make accurate recommendations on whether you should repair or replace it. Contact us today to get the AC help you need.