How to Keep the Heat in Your House

When the weather gets frigid, keeping your home warm is top priority. In many homes, heat leaks out constantly, keeping the home cooler than what you’d like, while also causing you to waste energy resources. If you want to keep warm air in the home, follow these simple tips. 

Find where the air is leaking. When warm air leaks out, cold air sneaks in, lowering the temperature of the home and raising the energy bill in the process. Take some time to observe where the air is leaking. 

Install door sweeps. A common place where air leaks in underneath doors. Add sweeps to exterior doors to fix this problem. 

Add caulk to window frames. Window caulking is the process of sealing off cracks, and it can be important when you need to plug air leaks in the home. For your purposes, rope caulk might be an easier option than a caulking gun because rope caulk can be quickly installed. 

Use the fireplace less often. Believe it or not, the fireplace can actually make your home colder, as warm air is usually pulled out of the chimney (even as warmth is emitted from the fire). Be sure to close the damper when the fireplace is not being used. 

Inspect your insulation. About 25% of air leaks in a home is caused by a lack of proper roof insulation. Be sure to have a pro like AAA Calvert to inspect your home’s insulation. Our knowledgeable team can help to keep your air where it’s supposed to be— in the home. 

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