How Often Should a Heating System Be Serviced?

As the seasons begin to change and the weather changes, most homeowners start wondering how often should a heating system be serviced? 

Most HVAC manufacturers will recommend servicing your system annually, but it is also suggested to service your heating separately from your cooling. As a result, your air conditioning should be serviced every spring, and you should service your heating every fall before heavy usage.

What do HVAC System Technicians Service?

When looking to have your heating system serviced, you will need to look for a qualified HVAC technician. When it comes to the heating portion of your HVAC system, a technician will look at the following things during your service:

What to Expect From Your Annual Service

In addition to looking at the extensive list of items regarding your heating system, an HVAC technician will also perform routine inspections of your system. 

  1. Check and clean your indoor coil and report any concerns
  2. Clean and replace your air filters
  3. Check and recalibrate your thermostat if needed
  4. Check the status of all hoses and connections
  5. Provide a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your home

Why Annual Service is Important

While some might argue that you can bypass servicing your heating system for a few years at a time, they might be right. However, to extend your heating system’s life and effectiveness, annual service should be of utmost importance.

Another common reason opt-out of annual heating service is because of the costs associated with it. Unfortunately, those who do not adequately service their systems will find that their units require repair or replacement more often than those who do. Ultimately, annual service costs are far below that of the costs associated with repairs and replacements of entire units.

AAA Calvert is here to help you with your heating needs. We can come out and do routine maintenance or fix any issues that are occurring. We are a family-owned company providing electrical, air conditioning, and heating-related services to our esteemed clients in and around the Long Beach area. Visit us online or call us today at 562-429-1546 for any of your heating needs.

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