Heating Repair Signal Hill

Southern California isn’t known for frosty winters, but as a local, you know it can get uncomfortably cool at times. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t be suffering through cold winter nights due to issues with your heating system.

Thankfully, AAA Calvert is here to provide the best heating repair Signal Hill has to offer. So, if you’ve been having issues with your heater, don’t worry and give us a call.

Ensure the heating system in your home or business is running efficiently, and do yourself and your family or business a favor. We want to help you achieve and maintain your heating needs by providing heating installation, repair, and service here at AAA Calvert.

Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs that you might require heater repair if you’re on the fence about giving us a call.

Your Utility Bills Are Higher Than Normal

Unusual spikes in your utility bills are one of the first indicators that your heater may not be working correctly. While some fluctuations are considered normal, especially during high-use months, abnormal fluctuations should be closely monitored.

If your heater is working twice as hard as it should be to produce adequate heat for your home because of underlying issues, it will end up costing you twice as much on your utility bills.

Random Cold or Hot Spots

Inconsistent cold or hot patches throughout your home or business can be yet another sign of potential issues with your heater. It can be challenging to identify the potential problems from your heater or ducting. Typically, cold or hot spots can usually indicate these concerns. To be sure, have a trained technician look for you and give you their professional opinion.

Strange Loud Noises

Lastly, note any unusual noises. Some noise level is normal for a heating system to produce while operating. But, additional factors can contribute to the noise level, including things like the age of your system and the type of system you have. But, if you’re noticing booming noises coming from your heater, there might be a deeper concern here.

Don’t hesitate to call one of our certified technicians at AAA Calvert right away if you’re suddenly hearing sounds you haven’t heard before coming from your heater.

Foul Odors From Your System

If your heater emits foul odors while it’s operating, this is potentially a sign of something very hazardous. You should immediately evacuate your family from your home as you could be experiencing a gas leak if you notice a rotten egg smell coming from your system.

A scent similar to rotten eggs is added to it for emergency purposes, although natural gas is odorless on its own. So, if you notice this smell, call an expert immediately. 

Call AAA Calvert Today!

You are likely to need a heater repair or upgrade if you are experiencing one or multiple of these signs. Rather than wait for the issue to get worse, call one of our certified HVAC technicians at AAA Calvert today.

Equally crucial to making sure your heating system is running correctly is checking on your air conditioning system before the summer months. Our certified technicians at AAA Calvert also provide air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance.

Let the experts at AAA Calvert assist you with selecting the right heater repair services. Our HVAC experts can help you pinpoint your heating issues, identify the proper course of action, and implement these services to meet your heating needs. Call us at 562-429-1546 to request a quote today.