Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips

Gas furnaces need to be maintained like any other heating system. These units use natural gas or propane, and they can be pretty powerful when they’re in good condition. However, when they’re not maintained properly, you won’t heat the home evenly, and you’ll be wasting money on gas and energy. As a Southern California HVAC company, we have a few tips to make sure your gas furnace remains in good health. 

Clean and replace the filter system. The filter is key because it prevents dirt from entering the furnace. We recommend that you check the filter regularly and clean any debris from it. If it’s completely clogged, replace it. 

Unclog the blower. The blower is as important as the filter. Located next to the filter, all the debris that gets past the filter will reach the blower, causing it to clog and malfunction. This will restrict the amount of heat the furnace generates. 

Clean the vents. Gas furnaces have a venting system. Just like the filter and blower, dust and debris can clog the vents, which can be a big hazard to anyone in the home. To clean the vent, remove the cover and use a vacuum cleaner to pull any debris. 

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