A More Energy Efficient Way to Cool and Heat your Home

AC Unit

As energy prices rise, you may be wanting to implement components into your home that are more energy efficient, thus more cost effective. Do you have rooms in your home that you do not use, but they are still receiving heat and air? Ductless mini splits may be your answer. Ductless mini splits have a very easy installation, they allow for zoning within your home, and they are less noise than traditional ductwork. 

A mini splint consists of an outdoor condenser, and an indoor cooling fan. The component of ductless mini splints that our customers enjoy the most is the ability to heat or cool only the rooms they need. While some newer homes have HVAC systems that already allow for this, not all homes have those systems. If you are wanting to save money on a new system, and on energy, then ductless mini splints are for you. The installation is quick and efficient, but does require a professional. AAA Calvert has a team of professionals that can provide a consult, and a quick and easy installation. Contact us today!

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