Tips On Cutting Your Electric Bill With Smart Thermostat

During the summer and winter months, people cringe at the sight of their electric bill. However, with modern tools like the smart thermostat, people are consuming less energy and saving huge amounts of money. Here are a few tips on using your smart thermostat to cut your electric bill.  

Position your thermostat properly. Have your thermostat in an area that will enable it to accurately detect the home’s temperature. Keep it away from furniture, wall art, mirrors and plants, as these items can interrupt the thermostat’s readings. 

Heat/cool the home as needed. When you’re not home, you likely don’t need to have your HVAC unit blasting the entire house. A smart thermostat allows you to program the temperature for certain rooms or areas as needed— conserving your energy usage. For example you can program your thermostat to cool the master bedroom while you keep the spare bedrooms at a warmer temperature. 

There is a learning curve to using a smart thermostat. By hiring a professional HVAC team, you can quickly gain a firm understanding on how to use the thermostat to conserve energy. In addition to a smart thermostat, it’s crucial that your HVAC unit works properly. Contact AAA Calvert to inspect the health of your unit.