Best Air Conditioning Service in Long Beach

You might be wondering if your AC unit is ready to take on the heat as the days are already starting to warm up. Thankfully, AAA Calvert offers the best air conditioning service in Long Beach. At AAA Calvert, we’ll make sure you stay cool this summer by offering various services, including air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance. To endure the Southern California summers, an air conditioning unit that functions efficiently is necessary for your home or office. So, here are a few pointers on when you should consider scheduling maintenance on your AC unit.

How Often Should You Service Your AC?

Both your AC and heating system should be serviced at a minimum once a year by a professional. In between these professional services, you should always do regular check-ins and cleanings on your own.

When to Service Your AC

Spring is the best time for air conditioning service and other HVAC repairs. Spring tends to be the off-season for HVAC technicians, which means extra savings are available and more appointment availability. Although summer tends to be the most popular time to have your air conditioning service, we advise against it. Since you want to make sure your AC is running smoothly in time for the warmer weather, we highly recommend you service it in the springtime before running into any issues that may prevent you from having cooling readily available for your home.

Benefits of Regularly Servicing Your AC

While you might be hesitant to have your unit serviced due to cost, remember that it pays off in the long run. Regular service of your AC will help you to maximize:

  • Safety of your unit
  • The lifetime of your unit
  • Your dollar
  • Your time

Call Us Today!

If you are experiencing one or multiple of these signs, it might be time to consider upgrading your AC unit. Rather than waiting for the issue to get worse, call one of our certified HVAC technicians at AAA Calvert today. Equally crucial to making sure your air conditioning system is running correctly is checking on your heating system before winter. Our certified technicians at AAA Calvert also provide heating installation, repair, and service.

Let the experts at AAA Calvert assist you with selecting the right air conditioning services. Our HVAC experts can help you pinpoint your AC unit issues, identify the proper course of action, and implement these services to meet your cooling needs. Call us at 562-429-1546 to request a quote today.