AAA Calvert History

AAA Calvert was born in 1966 as AAA Electrical Enterprises, created by Tom Sullivan, son of an electrical contractor.  In 1983 Tom bought out a small, but well-established heating and air conditioning business, founded in 1963 by Lawton Calvert, hence the name AAA Calvert.

Once they moved the business out of the house on Clark Avenue in Long Beach and into an office on Palm Drive in Signal Hill, it was truly a mom-and-pop shop with Tom’s wife Pat running the day-to-day office duties.  Tom Sullivan, Jr., working part-time since the age of 12, became a full-time member of the business in 1980 while completing electrical trade school classes at Long Beach City College to further learn his trade.  When Tom, Sr. purchased Calvert Heating and Air Conditioning, T.J., as he was to be known, went back to trade school to learn the HVAC trade.

AAA Calvert Electrical, Heating and AC Repair Long Beach

Though a few employees came and went, one thing remained constant – Tom, Pat & T.J., and when it was time for Tom to hang up his tools in 2005, T.J. and his wife, Lauri, purchased the business and continued on with the three generations of Sullivans as electrical contractors.  Our little mom & pop organization, celebrating 50 years in business, now employs 15 people that include T.J. & Lauri’s daughter, Sara, a long-time friend and office manager, Leonanna, her daughter Seranie in the office, dad Henry in the warehouse and cousin Jeff as an HVAC installer.  We do our best to promote a family atmosphere with all our employees and with our customers, many of whom have also stuck with us through the years.  We’re proud to serve Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood and the surrounding areas for over 50 years.  Established in Long Beach in 1966, located in Signal Hill since 1972 and still to this day.