AAA Calvert Testimonies & Reviews

To The Owner / Manager of AAA Calvert,

               I just experienced such professional conduct from Ramon and Jeff while they installed my new mini-split that I just had to take the time to let you know how impressed I am! Not only did they protect all of my belongings while they worked, but Ramon made me really fall in love with the new A/C / Heat features by telling me how I could be sitting in the living room listening to music and I could point the remote into the bedroom and change the temperature without ever getting up! I could tell how proud he was to be installing such a First-Class system with such great features! I asked Ramon for a bunch of his cards so I could tell my friends what a great company you have. Congrats!

               The whole crew that was on the property at Loma Avenue the last 3 days was unusually friendly and smiling and even whistling while standing on a ladder in the hot sun at the end of their long day. You are certainly doing something right to attract and keep such professional staff. When I came back from the store yesterday carrying 2 bags of groceries, Ramon even offered to carry them up the stairs for me. Your whole team is very aware of ways to make us all comfortable while they are on our property. Usually we can’t wait to have workmen leave so things can go back to normal. This time we will miss the team from AAA Calvert!


Ashley W., a big fan


Ashley W., Long Beach, CA | August 16, 2017

Super impressed! As a long beach business owner, I tend to try and use local and recently had a bad experience with “Any work Electric” and looked on YELP and found Calvert.

They were awesome! No non sense, sensitive to time to not over bill. Look for a old house issue and know when to say stop looking for the issue, lets find a more inexpensive solution for me.

Eddie and Manny were awesome! They also came to my business (Long Beach restaurant) and gave me a quote and I plan on using them for all my other electrical needs. Eddie is a great asset to this business! Nice to know Calvert has employees who have been there a long time and have a lot of exposure and experience to the Long Beach homes and businesses.

Also, my phone call was for the quote was also great, the owners followed up and as a new customer made sure I had the right team for the job, etc. Again, will use them for any electrical needs. They are hanging Goose Neck Lights on our business sign, will re-YELP when they are done!

Tracy A., Long Beach, CA | May 30, 2017

My son happened upon AAA CALVERT through yelp, of course ;), and boy, was that a serendipitous blessing! We have a 1940’s traditional ranch home with the original old wiring which had multiple issues to rectify, and everyone we dealt with at this company was a pleasure to deal with, from the lovely and cheerful woman on the phone who manages all of the scheduling (sorry…I think her name is Leonna?) to the two gentlemen who came to work on our electrical outlets (Taylor and Jesse, maybe? So sorry!!). We had very difficult problems to diagnose and rectify, including multiple light switches in various rooms whose wires had been crossed, new outlets which needed grounding outlets in the kitchen, and one outlet which was throwing off scary sparks whenever I tried to plug in something :0!! But nothing was too complicated for them; they knew exactly what they were doing and were not daunted by the quirky wiring and upside-down outlets or anything my old but wonderful home threw at them ;). All this to say, these electricians were extremely professional, kind, prompt, and reasonably-priced !! Everything we home-owners love!! They have won a lifelong and grateful customer :).

Tricia P., Long Beach, CA | August 29, 2017

Recently, we had an issue with an electrical component of our furnace caused by a power surge. The company we had been using for years to do annual tune-ups came out and had no idea how to fix it. I got a referral to AAA Calvert from the manufacturer. They communicated with me very well and kept me informed on the status of my appointment and the technician actually showed up ON TIME. Within 15 minutes the problem was diagnosed and fixed. Wow! AAA is a small company that’s been around for 50 years and I can see why.

Bill S., Long Beach, CA | January 11, 2017

AAA Calvert is always professional, has great prices and does very good work. As a Real Estate Broker I feel very confident every time I refer them to my clients. I even referred them to my Mom and they treated her like family.

Scott U., Los Alamitos, CA | January 4, 2017

Bought a 40 yr old home a month ago that needed a completely new AC system as well as lots of electrical upgrades. These folks did a terrific job! Their customer service is excellent, they are prompt, and do great work. I would highly recommend them.

Gerald S., Long Beach, CA | December 25, 2016

My heater was not kicking in, and it just started getting colder. I have two young children and needed to get my heater fixed quickly. After calling a few companies, some that weren’t that friendly on the phone, I had a friend recommend AAA Calvert. I called and spoke to Leonna (sp?), who was very nice, and even remembered the person who recommended them, and we set up an appointment for the same day withing 2 hours. Tom showed up right on time, and he was very professional. Diagnosed and fixed the problem within 40 minutes.

I am not a Yelp guy at all. I am a family man on a budget, and they charged a good price and the work was quick and professional. I will be calling AAA Calvert in the future!

Thank you!

Richard C., Torrance, CA | November 23, 2016

Incredibly Honest… they were the 2nd company I had come out to look at my furnace… the first company told me I needed a new furnace… Well they were wrong…. luckily my neighbor told me about AAA Calvert. They came and said furnace was fine just needed a new filter and just some maintenance

Nicole L., Long Beach, CA | October 7, 2016

If you have been a home owner for any length of time you know all too well about having to do home repairs. Another amazing thing that home owners ALL have IN COMMON is the inauspicious way something like a roof, pipe or some electrical issue will happen just when you don’t have the money or have just spent a ton of money to fix your car, buying gifts for Christmas or just came back from a big expensive trip. You want to screem, hit or kick something really hard or better yet start crying like a two year old and probably have.

Well this is the EXACT thing that happened to me. The last couple of years it has not been cold enough to turn the heater on because it was cold for about a day or two and then got hot again. I have a space heater because the house heater dries everything out and sometimes can cause me to have nose bleeds. So I have not had a need to turn it on.

This winter has been quite different and it has been down right frigid at night, in the morning, all day long to the point we are all breaking out the hats, scarves, boots, and coats and dressing our fur babies in clothes too…plus it’s just cute. Thus it was time to turn on the heater and cut the chill in the air so I don’t have to walk around my house looking like an Eskimo.

I go to turn on the heater and NOTHING! I hear NOTHING. I wait a few minutes thinking ok it’s been a while it needs to ramp up. It’s old its needs a little more time but STILL NOTHING! No pilot light. Ok no problem I am pretty handy I’ll just go grab my BBQ lighter and re-light it. And STILL NOTHING! Oh noooo! So I don’t panic and go over to my neighbor’s house cuz maybe I was doing it wrong. My neighbor has always been AMAZING in showing me how to fix and repair things around my house for YEARS! He’ll know! He comes over and try’s and STILL NOTHING so he gives me the name to this company and says he knows the owner Tom and his son Tom and the Grand son TJ (Tom Junior) and they helped him replace his furnace several years back when he decided to get AC and new furnace.

I give them a call to set up an appt and the young lady who answers the phone is REALLY NICE. She asked me a couple questions and takes my name and number then calls me back a little while later with an appt time. PERFECT! But being it is WINTER and COLD they are busy so I have to wait a week. No problem I have my little space heater and will suck it up until then.

My appt day comes and I get a call around noon saying I am on the list and re-confirming my appt time. WOW! So GREAT with the follow up I LOVE IT! They gave me a window of 1.5 hours when they would arrive and they showed up MAYBE a 5-7 mins before the beginning of my appt window. YES! Love that I didn’t have to wait the entire window time frame.

Another Tom (no relation) showed up and I took him right upstairs to my furnace. He looked at it and said, “oh you have a tank, they don’t make them like this anymore.” As is true with most things in this world. He looked at it, went to get some tools and a flashlight, came back checked for cracks, checked pilot and some other things and then tried to relight the pilot. He said you have to hold it until it heats up something and catches. At any rate he did this and BAM several minutes later a HUGE FLAME of fire lit up and my furnace was back in business. Then he changed out the filter put everything back together and cleaned up after himself. OMG! I was PASSED ECSTATIC and OVERJOYED!

Then I told him my furnace is old so I need to think about replacing it. So he told me he could write up an estimate and send to me in a few days. He went to check where the AC unit would go and the how the hoes for the condensation would come out the attic etc. VERY THOROUGH! He gave me my bill for the work he had completed, I paid and he was off.

When I tell you I was literally jumping up and down, doing my holy dance and PRAISING THE LORD because I DID NOT NEED a NEW furnace! DO you know how many thousands of dollars I would have had to fork over and REALLY did not want to right now considering I am planning some bathroom remodels in a month? OMG!

This company is TOTALLY HONEST and WILL NOT have you buying or REPLACING a AC or furnace if you do not need to. Do you know how hard it is to be able to TRUST that a company is going to DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL, BE HONEST, SHOW UP ON TIME, and CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES! It is SOOOO FRICKIN REFRESHING to work with a company like this as a home owner or if you manage apts. USE THEM they will save you money and keep you from needless worrying that the work is done RIGHT!

P.S. They also do electrical work.

Ryan P., Seal Beach, CA | July 28, 2016

The guys and gals at AAA Calvert really are as good as it gets.

The first time I used them was to get a Nest thermostat set up properly. After hours on the phone with Nest technicians, they determined they had no idea why it wasn’t working and offered to pay for a Nest-certified vendor to come set it up. After contacting several other companies (none of which returned my calls), I reached out to AAA Calvert. Their resident Nest expert showed up within the week and quickly determined I had a unique HVAC system that required special wiring. He was able to get things set up with no issue.

I’ve also had AAA Calvert come by to diagnose and fix my A/C unit. Every time I have called, I am immediately greeted with a friendly person on the other line. It may sound strange, but the business calls always feel very personal to me– as if you’re talking to someone you know, and that knows you. This creates a very “quality service with a smile” vibe to the company, and something I appreciate greatly every time. At this point, I don’t bother calling anyone else when I have issues with my A/C unit– I just call up the wonderful folks at AAA Calvert and they take care of it.

Jon T., Long Beach, CA | July 11, 2016

AAA Calvert just finished putting AC in my house and I understand why they are so highly rated. We just moved into a two story home that had never had central air before. It took three days to complete the job, and there were quite a few workers here each day, but each worker we encountered was professional in every way, and very courteous and polite. We dealt mostly with Jason and Jeff, and both of them were very patient when we had questions, and took time to explain what was happening each step of the process. The workers cleaned up every day and tried to make sure that the equipment left behind was not a nuisance or an eye-sore. Also, dealing with Laurie at the office is a pleasure. She is cheerful and wants to make her customers happy and comfortable with the entire process. It should be obvious that I would highly recommend using AAA Calvert for AC installation or repairs.

Steve S., Long Beach, CA | July 7, 2016

AAA Calvert is excellent in every way. From the beginning of requesting quotes for an electrical upgrade and heating & air conditioning I received wonderful customer service. I am so impressed by this company & their values. I was a bit intimidated by looking for a contractor to work on a very big job such as this. I called AAA and requested a quote for an electrical panel upgrade and all new heating and air. The receptionist was very helpful when I called and said she would do her best to get both TJ (electrical) and (Tom) for air conditioning out at the same time so I could get both of my quotes at the same time. Both TJ and Tom showed up on time and were very down to earth. I felt very comfortable with them and they didn’t try to tell me that I needed all kinds of unnecessary work. They told me I would receive a quote within a few days. I called a few days later and spoke to Leonanna who works in the office and she stated that she was working on my quotes. Throughout the process Leonanna assisted me with my quotes in understanding them and also in adjusting to add some additions to the scope of work. She also let me know about financing options and recommended I talk to Lauri. Lauri really helped me out and gave me a lot of information. Once I signed the quotes, we set our date to begin work. I received a call from Lauri the Friday before work was to begin on a Monday. She explained to me that there would be 6 men working on this job and that they would do their best to complete the job in 3 days. On Monday morning a crew of 7 men showed up to start the job. Eddie, Taylor, & Antonio (Manny) were on the electrical crew. Jason, Adam (who has the most awesome hair), Eli and Jeff were on the heating and air crew. These crews had their plans together. I was so impressed by how well they coordinated everything. Especially with the electricity being worked on at the same time the heating and air crew was working. Eddie made sure that the heating and air crew had electricity so that they could perform the work they needed to get done. All of these young men were extremely polite,and professional. Jason from the heating and air crew explained to me what would be going on and came to me to make sure I agreed with all the decisions that needed to happen. TJ also came out the first day to check on the crews. I had a few concerns and questions and TJ made sure that they were all addressed and that things were done to my satisfaction. My job was completed in 3 days as promised. The crews did top notch work and cleaned up all of the trash & debris from their work. I am extremely impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and consideration that these employees demonstrated. When it came time for inspection, I had the pleasure of meeting Lauri. In talking with her she explained that she and TJ were the owners of this business and that it was family owned since 1966. It is so refreshing to find such hard working people who really do care about the quality and service that they provide. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. I see why this company has been around for so long. It was my extreme pleasure to have met and interacted with these awesome people. Thank you Leonanna, Lauri, TJ, Tom, Eddie, Taylor, Antonio, Jason, Adam, Eli and Jeff !

Lorinda V., Lakewood, CA | May 17, 2016

Nothing but a 5 star review here!!

AAA Calvert came out when my air conditioning wasn’t working today. He was at my house in a matter of an hour. Thankfully it was a minor issue with a blown fuse. Maybe the repair took 15-20 minutes. Very professional, polite, and helpful. Thank you again.

Michelle S., Long Beach, CA | April 18, 2016

I can highly recommend AAA Calvert because I’m really happy with the service we received. We had a commercial central air unit replaced in 2013 at our business and when it took a crap on us we searched Yelp for someone to service it because we had archived the receipt and couldn’t remember the name of the company we used in 2013. We found someone it looked like we could trust but they wouldn’t service our area so they referred AAA Calvert, thank God. It was late on a Friday night of a Holiday weekend and when we explained our situation to the office they came through and saved the day, it was pretty awesome! We got through that weekend thanks to them. The unit ended up having major issues caused by a manufactures defect. We had a 5 year warranty so we tracked down the receipt and the name of the company that did the original install. We checked out that company on Yelp and good lord, they have just a massive amount of bad reviews and they were recent too so we decided we’d rather pay Calvert than use the warranty and the original company. Calvert did a lot of work for us. The repair tech we had was Jason and he really went above and beyond for us in the sense that he already had a lot of work and still really managed to make us feel like we were a priority. That meant a lot to us! The unit started making a crazy noise (had nothing to do with the work they did) after all the work was said and done and Jason was here at 8am the next morning. Customer service, once the work is complete, is a huge part of giving stellar customer service and having someone super helpful and understanding when you make the original call is just as huge, so, we were happy from start to finish!

Brandi L., Long Beach, CA | March 8, 2016

Our home was broken into on Sunday Jan.10. A smash and grab at 11 am and really made us feel vulnerable for the next few days. We called a national security company to come out and install a new security system and the appointment was for Wednesday Jan 20th. In the process of installing security cameras around the perimeter of the house the installer was drilling from the outside through the stucco into the attic. In doing so he drilled right through one of the existing electrical lines that wasn’t very accessible. This was in the late afternoon.
The entire front side of our home was without electricity and the security installers had no idea what to do. All they could say was “this has never happened before. We were panicked now. We didn’t know what to do so I decided to find and electrical company on Yelp. Fortunately I called AAA Calvert Electrical and spoke with Leanne. I am going to be totally honest with you I have never experienced the care and understanding from anyone in the service industry as I did from Leanne. I explained our situation to her and she went above and beyond to get someone out to our home. Taylor and Antonio arrived a short while later and assed the situation. They were both very polite and professional. They went up into the attic and decided that because of the location of the damaged electrical line I had two options. A) bust out dry wall in multiple areas of the living room where the line was located or B)  cut a 4 inch diameter hole through the exterior stucco and access and repair the line that way. I couldn’t imagine going through the expense, hassle and dust of dry wall repair so I went with cutting a hole in the dry wall. They were able to locate the wire and repair it and then securely cover the area with an electrical plate in just a few hours. Cosmetically it’s nothing noticeable. They saved me hundreds of dollars and the aggravation of dealing with dry wall repair.
I can tell you this. From Leanna in customer service, the on time appointment, Taylor and Antonio’s expert advice and most of all the fair and reasonable price. I am one VERY happy customer and can whole heartedly recommend AAA Calvert Electrical.  Thank you again Leanne, Taylor and Antonio

Mark P., Signal Hill, CA | January 22, 2016

I must say that I am impressed. After leaving an honest review more than a month ago I will say that AAA Calvert redeemed themselves.

I contacted 3 other local air conditioner installers and long story short: 1. Was pushy and intimidation must be the sales way. 2. Continued to cancel and push back the installation. 3. Was very vague and wouldn’t give me a solid quote. Kept saying things like should be, I’m sure it won’t cost more than, or my favorite I’ll let you know. He never let me know.

So after never quite feeling good about the alternatives I swallowed my pride and contacted AAA Calvert. I spoke with a representative who let me speak directly to the owner. She remembered me and was very nice. We went over the quote and set an installation date.

The day before she contacted me directly and confirmed the install for the next day. Her people showed up on time. The crane was on time. They worked around somebody I had working on my kitchen. They were courteous and left my place looking the same as when they came.

I’m very happy with the final product and would refer them to anybody needing a replacement air conditioner and furnace. I learned a lot about myself during this process and will try to be more patient.

Jerold B., Signal Hill, CA | December 24, 2015

I HIGHLY recommend this company. They installed central heat and air into my historic home in four days and I couldn’t be happier. Jason, the job supervisor, was accommodating, careful and competent. I trusted him to cut vents into my untouched plaster ceilings and if we discussed a vent would go in a certain place and he had to cut it one inch from where we had agreed, he got my ‘ok’ first. And believe it or not each evening when they left, you would never know my home was under construction. They cleared and cleaned everything! It was a 6 man job because they also replaced all the knob and tube wiring in the attic. Although not the cheapest estimate, we went with our gut and hired Calvert. I feel I got my money’s worth and then some. They also recommended an artisan plaster guy, Aston Hill of Patchworks, a 2nd generation plaster man who plastered the hole which the large, old furnace left like an artist. The guys on my AAA Calvert job were Jason, Taylor, Quentin, Mannie, Jeff & Eddie. Lovely guys. Great work. TJ, the owner, came on the last day to inspect the work. Lauri and Thomas, who set up the job, were thorough and available for all my needs and concerns.

Mike C., Long Beach, CA | May 24, 2014

We recently bought a house and had to buy all new appliances. We realized there weren’t enough outlets and some appliances needed their own circuit. The house is older and didn’t have dedicated outlets for appliances. We had a large electrical company come out to provide a quote (they charged $99 for the quote) and we thought their quote was ridiculously high. I called AAA Calvert a week before Christmas and they were able to fit someone in to provide a quote the next day (the quote was free).

They were very friendly on the phone (Laurie and Leonna) and the electrician (TJ) that came out for the quote was thorough, honest, and friendly. The quote was half of what we were quoted from the other company. Even though it was a busy time, they were able to come out and complete the work two days before Christmas. They were very understanding of our situation and knew we needed working appliances soon.

The two electricians that came out to do the work were on time, friendly, and did a great job. This is definitely our go-to place for electricians, heating, and AC! Thank you AAA Calvert!

Christy R., Long Beach, CA | December 23, 2014

This is from my experience with a very potentially huge and dangerous electrical problem…. These people are so professional. From the desk and scheduler to the master electrician and his helper. The electrician was so good .. he diagnosed a problem faster than any other company out there. It seemed like all the other companies wanted to avoid dealing with my problem… (They just didn’t show up or delayed coming out or said were busy with other projects). Prompt, courteous, knew exactly what they were doing and what they needed to do to find and fix the problem, explained it all, had the best equipment, and just did what they said they’d do. Also the support office staff followed through. Just classy top notch professional service to fix your electrical problems. Left a very positive impression on me. If you want and need the best electrical service, this is the place to call. No doubt about it!

Kris P., Manhattan Beach, CA | October 8, 2014

I found this company here on Yelp and I am so very very glad I did! Not only were they able to come check out my wall heater that same day, everyone there, from the people who answered the phone and booked the appointment to the people who came out to do the repairs, was very friendly, helpful and most of all HONEST!

I would like to point out that they were actually NOT my first call. The first company, after asking just a few questions about the issue with my wall heater tells me that I will need to replace the entire unit … That it will cost about $1700…I was freaking out because I do not have that kind of money readily available in cash form so I decided to try someone else…this is when I found AAA Calvert.

It turns out all I needed was a new valve…to the tune of $250! Thank you again for taking such great care of me and my heater AND for not trying to sell me things I didn’t need and couldn’t begin to afford!

I would highly recommend this company…you not be disappointed with the experience.

Conde A., Long Beach, CA | January 3, 2014

I called AAA Calvert upon recommendations from our plumber of over twenty years. Our electrician moved away, so I was at a loss for a repair at our rental property next door. We were expecting a few days of hot weather and there was suddenly no electricity to the bedrooms for the window AC units after we replaced a ceiling fan.

From the phone call to the service visit, it could not have been a more pleasant and professional experience. It turned out to be a simple repair, so Tom only charged half the regular service charge for the call.

Being local, Tom has extensive experience with our old gravity flow heating systems still operating in many of our vintage Cal Heights homes. I’ve heard many people say good things about AAA Calvert over the years; now I know first hand.

So guess who will get to service our furnaces before cool weather sets in in November and any other electrical issues that pop up at our home or our rental property? You bet!

John R., Long Beach, CA | August 26, 2013

This is long overdue. Lori S. and Tom G. really everyone that came into my house and did the work to get my heating and air put in was professional, courteous, and neat. They did all new duct work as well as put in the heating and air units and they did this in ONE day! They put in my heating and air in November 2012. I have used both and they work great. They use Rheem heating and air units. The price was also under two other quotes I obtained one from Home Depot. By the way Home Depot came out and without even looking at my duct work said it would need to be changed out. Tom came in and actually went up and looked at my duct work and told me that I did not have to get new duct work or a new heater but the unit would work more efficiently if the duct work pipes were larger, so I opted for new duct work.  There was a problem with my credit card and they were so kind and understanding with that as well. This is a nice  family owned company. They know how to treat a customer. The owner actually brought lunch out to the crew. So nice to see that not only is the customer treated great they treat their staff wonderfully! I whole heartily expect you to use this company and once you read my review why bother with anyone else.

Amy E., Norwalk, CA | April 13, 2013

Best price by far compared to 5 other companies.
Let me tell you, I have dealt with a lot of contractors in my home and these guys are at the top of my list so far. I had about 6 different AC installers give me quotes on 4 and 5 zone mini split systems. I was quoted between 9,300 and 16,800 for 4 zone systems. I looked at Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and one other I can’t remember (starts with a C). Anyways the prices were all over the map as you can see. This almost felt too good to be true. Not only was AAA Calvert the least expensive, they were local, could start and finish during the only week I had available, and they were by far the kindest and easiest to work with. Laurie is the head receptionist I think and she is super nice! every time I call she sounds so kind and happy to help me out. Excellent job. everyone I spoke to on the phone over there was so nice to me and did everything they could to help me with my concerns and questions.
so the work. The guys were right on time every single day. They put down drop cloths inside no matter how big the job was and didn’t leave a grain of residue behind. There were 4 or 5 guys working on the install, all of them were very kind and considerate. Mike is the head installer (I think) he was working on the main condenser outside and did a fantastic job running all the lines to the main unit. It looks real clean. Each air unit was placed exactly where I asked and they work perfect.
All the holes in the walls that were used to run the refrigerant lines were filled with insulation and patched inside and out to match the surrounding material. i.e. stucco and drywall mud. After they were done they cleaned up the back yard, hauled everything away. it was like they were never there.
Today I had a question about one of the air handlers and they sent out one of the installers the same day to come and talk to me and answer my questions. I was shocked, same day! I couldn’t ask for better service.
So I am not sure if my experience with AAA Calvert is overly positive b/c I have been burned by so many contractors in the past… It really doesn’t matter. The point is these guys were the cheapest, the nicest (by far!!!!!!) and I now have a brand new 4 zone Fujitsu mini split that looks and work great! I couldn’t be happier. Oh, they put in the new designer air handlers and no additional cost to me. They are more expensive BTW.

Robert Jackson | June 23, 2014

I had called AAA Calvert for a second opinion. The first company to inspect my unit was called A-Ames. They told me my fan motor was shot and needed to be replaced. The discounted cost to replace it was going to be $670. For some reason, that did not sound right to me. So, I called AAA Calvert. They came and the technician unscrewed the top of the unit. Gave it a good inspection and told me the other gentleman was incorrect and that he most likely did not fully inspect it. Issue was an $18 capacitor and blown fuse. That was it! He replaced them and AC is working perfect! Thanks AAA Calvert for saving me over $600!

Angele Marie Jester | September 11, 2014

We used AAA Calvert’s services in the past and looked to them to follow-up with repairing a variety of electrical and HVAC issues. AAA Calvert completed the job in approximately three days.  Initially, TJ, the owner, and Tom, the HVAC manager, came out to provide candid feedback and estimates on each phase of the project. Lauri and Leonanna worked to fit our project around their own and our tight schedule.  They also coordinated all permits with the city and other entities.
After receiving a fair proposal, Jason led the HVAC team supported by Quentin, Adam and Jeff.  All four employees were professional, personable, and thorough in explaining the installation and addressed our questions and concerns as the process shifted.  Specifically during vent and duct installation, Adam carefully explained the task and skillfully cut through exposed wood beams and ceilings to seamlessly install vents without damaging the wood ceiling in our family room.  Jason remained onsite until the equipment functioned properly, explained the new system, the company’s annual services, and made himself available should issues arise after the installation.  
After setting the HVAC equipment, Eddie led the electrical team supported by Manny and Taylor.  All three employees were professional, personable and flexible in working around a variety of obstacles, specifically other sub-contractors hired to repair other issues.  Eddie took time to follow-up and returned to correct some minor cosmetic issues.  Moreover, Eddie matched our roof color from a mobile phone photo we sent to him to find a paint color to blend exposed conduit to our home’s roof color.  As a result and much to our surprise, the painted conduit blended to the existing roof color.
When the work was completed, the HERS inspector commented on the company’s excellent reputation specifically highlighting their quality, professionalism and craftsmanship. Regarding the city inspection, Quentin met with the city inspector, expedited the process by ensuring each circuit was properly labelled, the HVAC regulations were met, and walked the inspector through each phase of repairs with minimal or no issues.  
In retrospect, the hiring practices of AAA Calvert are impressive because the employees mentioned above worked together under a short window to complete the job.  No one showed any signs of stress during the project, especially as the job changed daily by our own guidance.  We highly recommend AAA Calvert for electrical and HVAC needs.  They are a well-run company from top to bottom.  They are honest, fair and each employee takes pride in their work to support the other’s expertise.  

RB Reyes | June 26, 2015

“They probably could have recommended service that would have cost a bunch of money but they were honest.  That goes a long long way in my book.”

Josh Legere | April 13, 2017

“They are an amazing company…..called at 4:15pm on a Fri not knowing when I might get an appointment……Although I was scheduled for following Mon (fantastic) a technician who was just leaving for the day said he would stop by. By 5:00pm my problem was resolved. This is my 3rd time using this great provider and highly recommend them!”

Tony Soto, Long Beach, CA | March 6, 2015